Trips to the mall on Friday nights no longer are a popular choice for teens and 20-somethings merely intent on shopping or hanging out. Those who enjoy metal on their weekends have a new reason to shop — or mosh — till they drop thanks to a promotional company hoping to show there’s a new sheriff in town, even after the stores and food court have shut down.

A local metal shebang, featuring St. Louis natives Hallow Point touring in support of Blacklight, rang throughout the second level of Rolling Oaks Mall on Sept. 27 courtesy of Julian “J.C.” Cruz and Roland Torres. Collectively known as JC & RT Productions, the duo is bringing various acts to their Anthem Entertainment Center. The spacious hall, with an open bar in the middle, stage in the back and plenty of room for merch booths, hosted hometown bands Pigweed, Meridian, Ammo For My Arsenal and openers Lonestar Massacre in addition to Hallow Point. And even that came with a twist.

Between bands, local quintet ensemble Onyx Elite Dance performed silhouetted routines to various songs (see 71-photo slideshow below and ATM Facebook Live footage here). They raised the ante during Meridian’s set when brunette Courtney Garcia and blonde Breanna Huther joined the metalcore act for “The Way You Move” (ATM Facebook Live footage here) before the entire troupe posed for photos with the band.

As with most things in their infancy stages, not everything went smoothly.

Set times were pushed back 75 minutes from the original start time of 7 p.m. for Lonestar Massacre. As such, Hallow Point was moved up in the middle of the package to ensure that the only national band wouldn’t go on too late. That, combined with some drama within their camp, led to locals Cauterized dropping off the program. And by the time Pigweed wrapped up the night post-11 p.m., the number of members on stage equaled those remaining, which by that point was media, promoters and bartenders. Not to mention the fire alarm that sounded throughout the mall (though no evacuations were necessary).

But, too, as is the case with metal intentions, it’s all about the music. And while early bands Ammo For My Arsenal and Lonestar Massacre could count most of their supporters as school friends and those in other bands such as the guys from Send Help, each act had its own way of inspiring mall moshing and headbanging.

Watch Pigweed on “Needles” and “Eye of the Wasp” plus their cover of Sepultura’s “Roots,” along with Ammo For My Arsenal and Lonestar Massacre. Hallow Point can be seen below on “Acedia,” My Resistance,” here and doing a cover of Slipknot’s “Psychosocial.”

Other shows scheduled for Rolling Oaks Mall include:

  • From Graves, Shaping the Legacy, Snake Father from Austin, Life Eats Life, Forever For Now and Send Help on Friday, Nov. 1 for $8 (minors $10; (details here)

  • Lilac Kings, Marila Voe, So Soon The Truth, Buried Alike, War Within Dreams and Perfect Season on Saturday, Nov. 2 for $5 (minors $8; details here)

And if those don’t float your boat, Torres and Cruz are planning on bringing more local artists to the Alamo City Comic Con from Nov. 1-3 at Sunset Station, which will be highlighted by appearances from Batman’s Michael Keaton and Beetlejuice. Band submissions are being accepted by calling 210-367-3175.

And yes. Since you’re wondering. The Onyx Elite Dance girls will be there too.